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CBC is a manufacturer of unique inter locking concrete building blocks.
We manufacture strong, concrete building blocks at our block making plant in Pretoria. The building blocks are sold directly to the building trade and to the public. It is known by the brand name of: "STUMBELBLOC"
The building blocks are SABS and NHBRC approved.

The inter locking hollow core concrete building blocks are manufactured by means of "wet casting" concrete into durable patented moulds.
Now you can build faster, easier and cheaper than most conventional building methods. We also supply the special adhesive cement called Blockgrip, to build with our blocks. Blockgrip is an easy to prepare and is an easy to use, strong adhesive cement.

The minimum required compaction strength for hollow core building blocks as prescribed by the SABS is 3,5 MPA, per block. Our building blocks are tested annually at a SABS accredited laboratory with test results achieved of  4,5 - 5 MPA, per building block.

Building Application

You can build: Boundary walls, retaining walls, garages, store rooms, one story houses, cottages, factory walls, columns, French drains, water features, swimming pools, garden hedges, vegetable garden hedges, DIY projects etc.
  • The cavities in the blocks allow for easy installation of water pipes and electrics, with minimal cutting / chasing into walls required.
  • Building with our blocks leaves a "greener footprint": Less building waste created, with less waste to dispose of. It leads to a more economical build.
  • Save time and save on labor costs, with a faster project turn-around time.
  • Save on material cost. Building with our blocks, you will use less sand, less cement and less water. Save around 20 - 25% on your brick work costs.
  • The building method used is the fast & effective "dip and stack" method.
  • The building blocks can be dry stacked and are immediately load bearing.
  • Also ideal for DIY projects around the home, office or garden.
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